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I prefer natural light but of late I am thinking of buying a new QTB battery powered flash system (Trio). I prefer models who have an affinity for the camera's lens. That is something a photog can't teach or instruct on the spur of the moment. It's a model's state-of-mind how she engages the lens or is intimated by the lens. If it is the latter, than the resultant images will reveal her anxious feelings. If she engages the lens, then the images would reveal a sensual curious mood which compels the viewer to form an impression, a Gestalt experience which lack inhibition but in no way appears crude or abusive/demeaning. PS: I can pay a modest and quite FAIR $$, I don't shoot TFP as I feel that is not fair to the model(s). I don't publish anything (other than on my web page) , but you can if you give me credits if you use your pics on your OMP web page. The model can have a DVD of her images. ESCORTS, once a model came with her gf, fine, then next week she shows up with three dudes ! I sent her home with 1/2hr pay. I shoot in the local gym where there are lots of people and security cameras, not under a bridge or in an ally, etc.