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About Me

I'm a graphic artist, novelist, and university instructor -- very laid-back, respectful, and easy to get along with.

I'm attempting to assemble a portfolio that presents everyday situations, including those in which a person might reasonably be expected to be without clothes. Why? I want to capture instants of simple, everyday transcendence: some suggestion of a person's inner light.

I don't aspire to being a fashion or glamor photographer. I use only ambient light and aim for images that are simple and natural-looking. I'm an accomplished user of PhotoShop, but I don't use it to "airbrush." And since I ain't getting paid thus far, I have the privilege of pleasing myself. Since the models I've worked with so far are thrilled with their photographs, I plan to stay on the same path.

I'm open-minded, but I'd very much like to work with mature models, say, 30s to 60s.

I shoot 35mm and medium-format film, which I develop and print myself. I also shoot a comparatively small number of digital images.

The sole MM model I've worked with so far is the lovely Elki, MM #2972966, an immensely enjoyable session. I'll post photos as soon as I develop them.