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This is what separates the professional from an amateur. Just like a photographer, I see my role as an art form.
Quality, not quantity. I take pride in my work. This is the difference. I learned this through experience.

Anyone who is in the industry of photography or a related field, knows that a "Photoshop Wizard" is never a job with just one role. Every single day, I have to stay current.

That's where I excel. I'm a digital image editor, graphic designer, and website designer. Those are just the job titles. Within each of them, I stay current with trends in several areas. Computer technology, software, multimedia, fashion, advertising, photography, and business networking.

To be one of the best, if not the best, I know when I need to ask for help. It can be from the photographer, producer, agency, and/or model. It's all about keeping and forming new professional and personal relationships. To make a photograph look good, is easy. But it's not unique.

I strive to make/create a photograph/digital image great. It can be landscape, an object, or a person. Creating a great image, takes imagination, creativity, knowledge, communication, teamwork, and skill.

With over 10 years of experience, I have edited photographs and created digital images for various types of photography and medium. Ranging from Advertising, Artistic, Action, Glamour, Macrophotography, Documentary Photography, Photojournalism to Travel Photography.

I work for TFCD, as well as paid work(commission, hourly, contract). I know that by expanding my portfolio, I can receive more opportunities to work with photographers, models, and agencies.


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