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Hi, my name is Chris. I want to do creative and fun shoots with unihibited adults (models, makeup artists, stylists, designers) in the DC Metro area. Pretty much anything that is colorful, edgy or high energy is enticing to me so please ask for any projects as I'll probably say yes if I have the time, especially for TF and portfolio development. An idle camera serves no good!

My aspiration is to develop my own recognizable style as a Photographer, and to make artistic images that are interesting, exciting and provocative. I continually invest my time and money in quality equipment and training to be as professional as possible. Learning is a lifelong activity for me and I enjoy interacting with others who share this mindset. No egomaniacs or bad attitudes, please!

If you are a model, makeup artist, stylist or designer, amateur or pro, and you like my images and would like to work with me I am available for paid and selective trade arrangements. No matter your level of accomplishment or the arrangement we have for our work, I will strive to the utmost of my abilities to provide you with professional quality photos that get you noticed and recognized.

If you are a photographer and serious about developing your trade skills and knowledge and would like to collaborate with me for projects that are mutually beneficial then I would like to discuss those opportunities with you as well. Some examples could be sharing expenses for model and studio time or teaming together for event shoots with lighting setups, props, etc. I like people and work very well with others.

Thanks for stopping in and hope to see you all soon!

MM #324320
OMP #229888









model credits for images above:

Sweet Romance MM#75734 (5 images)

Steffanie Carter MM# 1453132 (2 images)

PsychobilyPinup MM #1215885 (3 images)



Mayhem models I have photographed:
note: many of these models rely on the income from these shoots to survive so please hire them if you can so they can continue to bless us with the display of their beauty and talent...

* worked with more than one time

groovaciousk MM #557134
Serendipitous Signs MM #741281
Pearl D MM #1187394
Anna42 MM #1050469
HippieChick MM #329080
Murielle Jean-Pierre MM #1268748
Lyn508mr MM #1204238 *
Danielle_Bubbles MM #1134588
Titeanna MM #832868
Parte_Child MM #1160848
Thalia Marcia MM #1225078
-Titania- MM#504819
Danielle Trixie MM #109506
Valerie Whitaker MM #5028
Azcra MM #30390
PsychobilyPinup MM #1215885
Danielle Bubbles MM#1134588 *
Sweet Romance MM#75734
Steffanie Carter MM# 1453132


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