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Well, I usually don't know what to say about myself but if I were to start, first thing you should know is that I am an amateur photographer who has had some work with couples portraits and pets. I originally started with landscape in my spare time but have progressed toward animals and couples.
I specialize in shooting pets in a natural relaxed state and a frightened state. (Disclaimer: I don't actually frighten them but merely surprise/startle them to achieve the look I am going for.)
I have recently begun photographing couples in natural settings. My direction I am currently going for is one where my subjects are not posing for the camera, but captured in their natural settings. Currently I don't have any examples of my work on the site. My work with people has been solely for their own purposes, so I need to go about seeking their approval before posting my other work on this site.
I am joining this website to help get exposure toward some of my photographs and to also network with other photographers and models.