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About Me

Photographer CONTINUOUSLY SEEKING MODELS to explore the world of sensuous female beauty through Glamour, fetish, and eroticism photography.. If anyone would like to work in just about any genre, feel free to contact me at CASEYSEVANN4PHOTOS at gmail. My original OLDER EMAIL address for this site IS NOW DEFUNCT- but they will not allow me to change it- so the message app through this site does not come to me. Use the email link listed at the top of my profile! It is current! I have a VERY PLAYFUL kinkier side I show some of here. It doesn't show unless you want it to. You can always ask! I am NOT into any pain! That's not me! The bondage rack you see here was designed and built by me. I have had models ask to be a part of shooting on it. It also accommodates a swing in the center. I try to make all of my shoots FUN!
REFERENCES---You may feel free to contact ANY of the models I have done shoots with to check on my personality and your safety during a shoot. I shoot from head shots for profiles to fully erotic playful fetishes- and anywhere in between. I am located in the northern Delaware area, but I am mobile and so is my rack. I can shoot in any somewhat near locations. My 500px url is current and if you sign up for a free account you can view my NSFW content. Let's talk about a shoot! Have some fun! And make some really sexy and exciting pictures!