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Hi. I am Goldie. I am new at modeling so please bear with me. :) I always dream big and I work hard to realize my dreams. I have finished a degree in engineering at UP los banos. And having done that, I now want to discover a part of me that I barely pay attention to --- the artistic side of me. I have always loved to be a model but never in my deepest dreams have I seen myself becoming one. lol. So here I am, trying my luck into something alien to me. Don't get me wrong but I have watched plenty of fashion tv shows and contests. What seems alien to me is me becoming a model myself. :)
I am a very versatile person. I love to keep myself busy so I try many things. I can also sing and dance so I joined various clubs especially in high school namely: glee club, dance club, math and science club, theater arts club and drum and lyre band. I was a majorette for six long years. And I was appointed as lead majorette in high school since sophomore year. I have also joined singing contests and have performed in Calamba plaza, schools, etc. I have judged beauty contests. But right now, I am more engaged in dancing. I have tried ballroom dancing, ballet and modern jazz. Lately, I 've been really busy trying to learn the "gangnam style." :) Nice dance!
The only instrument I can play is the guitar. It's good to know how to play the guitar because with it you can actually sing at the same time.
Most of my college days were spent studying. I tried my hardest to finish my engineering course because I wanted to earn a degree and make my parents proud. :)

Now that I have finished school, it's time for me to spread my wings and fly. haha!
This (modeling) is something that I really want, so will you help me fly? :)


03 Apr 13 02:55
whats ur height?
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