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I'm a 3D Artist/Photographer, in Bensalem, PA. 19020 I mostly do fantasy images. The best way to contact me is through email (robert@.c3d.cc) I check it many times a day. My studio is a 13 feet by 25 feet blue room. This enables me to create the fantasy images you can find on my site at www.c3d.cc

How to get ready for a photo shoot
Step One: Look taller.
First off you need to think like a model… and whenever we think of models we normally think of runway models… and let’s face it 70% of the models I shoot or see on Model Mayhem are not 5’ 9” or taller… so how can a 5’ 2” girl look like she’s this tall and modelesk? Let’s start by looking at the really tall models… Let’s take a model that’s 6’ 2”, put any dress on her and it looks “short”… I’ll go one step further… Go into any department store and check out the mannequins. First off they are on platforms that are about 6”-12” off the ground…. Now if you ever see one that’s undress and getting ready for the next dress line… Jump up there and check out where her hips fall… I did… and her hips where 6” higher than mine and I was standing on my toes to mimic wearing high heels… and you guessed it I’m 6’ 2”! I know that was a long roundabout way to explain why you should be wearing short dresses to look like a model, but if you know how they are creating that long leggy look then it will be much more convincing for you to be shopping for shorter dresses. (now if you’re wondering why the industry does this… to get you to buy more dresses… if a dress is too long it makes you look doughty… so you’ll go out and buy another dress, in hopes that you will make look more like that mannequin).
Step Two: Make your feet look smaller…
Let’s face it models that are 5’9” to 6’ 2” have big feet… so how do they hide that fact? Well they wear really high heels to shorten the profile of the foot, plus they wear very minimalistic shoes to make their feet look as small as possible… so if you wear platform shoes, that scream, “I’m short”. So make your foot look as small as possible.
Step Three: Don’t come to a shoot with any markings…
There is nothing worse than going to a photo shoot and putting on a beautiful dress with matching high heels, and having marks around your ankles from your socks and having bra strap marks when the dress is strapless… everyone has the ability to leave indentation markings when they wear tight clothing and especially during the winter months when everyone’s skin is just a little dryer…
If you think of movies and TV shows that portray models before a shoot… most of the time they are wearing sweats that are rolled up at the ankles and the waist, that not to show off their stomachs but rather to avoid marking up their bodies… One last thought on marking… every once in a while I get a model that comes to the studio, just the way I asked and come to the photo shoot braless but when I put them in that strapless dress, oops there are those nasty bra marks… that’s because, some models sleep with the bra on… so if you do that please do not sleep with your bra on the night before the photo shoot.
Step Four: Wear your makeup normally.
Pretend that you have no blemishes at all… and put on your makeup as if you have perfect skin… because any blemishes that you do have, I’ll remove in Photoshop, but I can’t fix caked on makeup and make it look like perfect skin. And always bring super high gloss lipstick even if you don’t normally wear lipstick.
Step Five: Bring clothing with loud vibrant colors.
Girls that are wall flowers wear dark, muddy patterns that allow them to be shy and hide in the corner and blend into the background. That’s ‘not’ what a model is about, or look like. They have the confidence to wear bright bold colors and they’re not ‘afraid’ to be noticed or for that matter to be the center of attention. So to show your self confidence, you need to act like a model and wear bright loud outrageous clothing… not the standard ‘uniform’ that corporate America wants you to wear IE: jeans, tee shirt and sneakers… (when the big chains sell that cool tee-shirt to you for $9.99… well it only cost them $0.04 to $0.08 to make and $0.10 to ship here from the Orient. It’s about making as much money as possible and putting out as little money and effort as possible… Wall Street has designed a system for you to stay that shy wall flower and to keep buying clothing that doesn’t make you look your best… )
So let’s go out there and show them that we are confident, attractive and smart people and not willing to play along in their dog and pony show to make the filthy rich.

A little about me and how I think

I guess I should start by saying that I love to create art… and I think that the human form is one of the most beautiful forms in nature… Some of that flavor in my personality comes from my grandmother in France… I was born in a little town in France… So in essence I’m a natural romantic… but unlike my some of my fellow countrymen, I feel that we should treat everyone with respect and curtsey.
As Americans we think of sexuality more as a marketing tool, and to some degree Europeans have a tendency to think of sexuality as a romantic pursuit… Maybe a better way to explain my view is to give an example: the movie “Gigi” had a part in it that exemplifies the feeling I have… Maurice Chevalier played the uncle in the film and he was scolding his nephew… in that he wasn’t acting like a proper gentleman… he said to his nephew, “When a young lady graces her beauty on you, it is a gentleman’s responsibility to thank the young lady, with a smile”. Here in America we generally don’t take that view… we add a more Wild West flavor to it… and our response (in some cases) would be to whistle at the young lady or even to be as bold as to say “nice ass” .
Plus I like to have the ability to involve the audience in my images… I learned at a very early age that the audience can be involved in an image… When I was 15 I saw an image of Cheryl Tiegs (the super model at the time) in a silk blouse and somehow the design team, had air blowing up her blouse and it looked like the buttons where ready to pop off. You could see the underside of her breast… I found this image to be amazingly sexy… then when I was 18 I saw an image of Cheryl topless and yes, she looked amazing… “But”… ‘not’ as amazing as I had imagined her to be… so at that point I realized that if you allow the audience to participate, they can fill in the blanks the way that they like, and hence increase the appeal to a much broader market, and not only to the people that like that “look”.
I also believe there are many types of beauty… there isn’t one perfect girl… Artistic symmetry is the foundation of beauty… that said when I touch up images I try to restore some of the missing symmetry, not so much as to take away their photographic personality… for example if a model has a crocket nose (lack of Artistic symmetry) I’ll straighten out the nose a little bit but not completely otherwise it doesn’t look like that person… and I truly believe in making the adjustments, because I could always position the head to make the nose look it’s best but then the eyes may not be in their best light… I actually try to create an image the way that someone that loves them, sees that person. As an example: I met my wife when she was 15… and we’ve been married for 31 years or as I like to say we’ve been dating for 38 years… anyway when I look at my wife now, I actually don’t see her in her fifties… I actually still see that 15 year old girl in her face… It’s just how you look at someone you truly love… Well when I’m interviewing the model I try to see the glimpses of beauty that her lover sees… I also cheat a bit… sometimes I get the model to talk about the person she loves… and then when she starts to ‘glow’, I try recreate that in the image I create of her…




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Thanks for the Kind Comments ! You have a very Nice Port. "d"
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hot work! RENE
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Great work! I love the faeries!
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