Marie-Claude Melissa Dubuisson
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:250 lbs
Measurements:42-41-43 in
Shoe Size:9
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Medium
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Black
Skin Color:Brown
Experience:Very Experienced
Compensation:Paid Assignments Only
Join:7 Apr 2013
Last:20 Jul 2021

About Me

Being raised from a medium-class family living actually in her appartement with a friend she (Marie-Claude Melissa) is located in Montreal. The dream of Marie-Claude Melissa is to become a plus size model known everywhere in the world.

She thinks a professional photoshoot is a special opportunity to see an image hold on by a flash of the camera with the possibility to review a progression. She has done a lot of efforts to acheive good things in her life and so on, she wants to go further. When she looks at her whole portfolio, she realizes the evolution of her hard work and efforts in the goal to be discovered in the plus size modeling industry. She consider she is reliable and professional.

Recommendations from many casting agents, modeling agents, and scouts when she has been meeting them, for modeling courses, all around the city, they mentionned honnestly her potential to be a plus size model is obvious. She is very proud of what she's done since she was a teenager. Her opinion such as having a lot of experiences in the world of public relations concerning being recruited in the plus size modeling industry is coming soon and her dream could be a reality soonest. Marie-Claude Mélissa has been registered in two universities she studied from 2009 until 2017 in arts and letters also to the bachelor as a specialist in sciences of education.

She is a full time worker for her business Center of Multiservices Mary See's Group. She really wants to help her mother who has been working almost thirty years as a clerk who's also retired at this present moment of lifetime. She has experience in photshoots. She participated in auditions as an extra (secondary role) in the movie: "The Sum of All Fears" with Ben Affleck in 2000's. She has been selected and performed on the movie set. She also participated in a shooting of the movie in the early 2000's with superstar artist LL Cool J, as an extra (secondary role). She's also been an extra in many movies in Montreal during a long period. She has had an offer to work with a producer in a french production that was supposed to be broadcasted in France. This photograph shown to Marie-Claude Melissa the proof that he had been working with ex supermodel Cindy Crawford.

She has been selected to become a plus size model in the United States on the website: She has been paid for a photoshoot from a photographer who hired her to make casual photos on a set in her appartment. She has been taking modeling courses and has been photographed in many occasions with many photographers. People always asking her if she is a plus size model. She had already received an offer to work with Queen Latifah in a casting role from an agency in Montreal. She is ready to do not humiliating contracts. The best moment to reach her at this period of time during the year of 2020 or when you take this message is during the business days. Do not hesitate to leave a message we will return your call everytime. Those procedures are the regular functioning structure by Modeling Marie-Claude Melissa on how to behave when it comes to the very first approaches when we get along with agencies. Then an agreement should be normally concluded and signed between both parties. Prepare a new career and organize the planning. This is the recommandation by the Director of Administration Council Sir René Gagnon the responsable and associate of Mrs Marie-Claude Mélissa General Director-Founder for the entity Center of Multiservices Mary See's Group.

Marie-Claude Melissa had often encouraged young talent in events of promoting albums, music shows, conferences, dancing clubs, singing shows, gospel shows, fashion shows on TV, marriages of friends, family and relatives, talent shows, museums and painting expositions. She has been to movies with girlfriends, she assisted theatrical pieces with her ex-boyfriend and her favorite activities are: make photoshoots, write songs and poems, read informative books, assist sociocultural events, watch movies at home, or in the movie theatre, go dancing with girlfriends, classmates at school, go training in the gym, cooking, walking in the nature, traveling, discover new countries, go to restaurants, eat new receipts, make debates at school in her classroom with the teacher, she really like participation in different social, political, involvement wich are: breast cancer, greenhouse gas emission, racial justice, writing skills, respect of patients suffering from diseases. Do not forget that Modeling Marie-Claude Melissa is the best enterprise for you to get high expertise of professionalism. You have to work with Modeling Marie-Claude Melissa. The best model is Marie-Claude Melissa and she has all the habilities to satisfy you in every plus size modeling job. Remember Modeling Marie-Claude Melissa is in the category of casual department. She is your very best candidate you can have and you should assign Marie-Claude Melissa Dubuisson to get along with her. Please respect the rules not only you but every member of the team to have a pleasant moment to work together between each other to achieve the goal such has receiving high demands of modeling jobs from worldwide agencies. Modeling Marie-Claude Melissa's is a well known modeling company and she is responsable thereto with the staff related to the expectations. She (Marie-Claude Melissa) organize herself to be in contact with legitimate modeling agencies in category of casual department all the way throught her journey.