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This is Lamar aka Mr.Stamps

$100.00 a hr

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Let's work, Basically im ready to shot to show who YOU are. Are you adventurous and want to capture that in photos? Lets set you up on a motorcycle ride. Are you into volunteering? Lets capture you helping out in your favorite way. Are you into walkin? Lets go to your favorite area and get some great pictures in. Tell me what is it you like doing most and lets capture photos for your portfolio. This should be one of the most fun shoots you've ever done and should greatly enhance your portfolio and branch it out.

My goal would be to find out as much as I can about you to really capture you best on camera. I have been shooting for over 2 years now, and am highly experienced. My goal is to specialize in these unique shots and bring out the best in you. I will be doing these specific type of shots for free for a very limited while I am building up this specific portfolio so take advantage while you can.


04 Apr 14 21:54
Thanks for your kind comment. And yes I a far. But if you cross the Pacific Ocean sometimes, give me a buzz...
24 Feb 14 19:20
Amazing port!
03 Sep 13 08:03
Thank you for the picture comment! :)
26 Aug 13 19:49
thanks for the FR
13 Aug 13 23:29
thanks for the FR-- cheers!
06 Aug 13 11:27
Thanks so much for the FR :)
23 Jul 13 07:19
Hi, thank you for the FR! :) -Abbie
08 Jul 13 21:21
Thank you!
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