About Me

Welcome to my MAYHEM! I am a photographer, artist, web/graphic designer. I'm a self taught photographer,who loves what he does! Im ALWAYS trying new things. Ive been shooting now for a about 5 years. I am currently using a Canon 5D mk-ii with a variety of lens and some lighting equipment. I always strive to make a photograph or painting a very unique masterpiece. I am open for select TFP. I offer a variety of different types of photoshoots, photo edits, airbrushing, digital paintings, and much more.

I am a fine art photographer specializing in feminine beauty. I have a deep respect, admiration, reverence for and awe of women. I seek to create images that depict women as beautiful, sensual, and elegant in their skin, but which are not salacious or disrespectful of my models.

I DO NOT PAY MODELS for photos unless I've been contracted by a company to do so.

I see there is nothing more beautiful than the female form. If you imagine God as an artist and that the artist keeps creating until he finally creates that certain something that he feels is the end all, be all of his creative process, and then stops. then we have part of the answer to that question here. God made all of these things-the land, the oceans, the trees, the animals, man. then woman. The last thing he made was the woman. Everything that was created contains parts of the previous creation. All leading up to one inescapable conclusion. All parts lead, somehow, to a final and then you stop when you feel you have reached the optimum. The last creation was woman. Something that contained all of the beauties and elements of the creations before it. There has been nothing new since then. So I guess the Artist was happy......and then just....stopped....feeling that that was the optimum creation. That it couldn't get any better than that. This is what "woman" represents to me. I love women. Every curve on them is absolutely astonishing.


Credits dont really mean as much to me as they prolly should. The evolution of my art is far more important then what magazine my art is in.