About Me

There is so much beauty in this world that it deserves to be showcased, displayed, and celebrated!
I enjoy photography that stirs the soul, awakens the senses, and quickens one's pulse. Let's
make something noteworthy! I have been a photographer for eight years and specialize in sensual and provocative photography. I have on going projects, but love meeting new models who are ready to take the industry by
storm. Whether inexperienced or a veteran I enjoy working with all, and don't mind instructing models how to move etc. and love to collaborate and allow them to be free to move within the theme of the shoot as well.

Genres of Interest:
- Lingerie
- Nudes
- Parts Photography
- S & M
- Fetish
- Erotica

What to expect when booking:
1. All models must be 18 years old or older and be able to show proof of age.
2. All content (wardrobe, poses, & theme) will be decided/confirmed before the shoot.
3. One phone confirmation after email agreement/confirmation.
4. One phone confirmation the day of the shoot.
5. Payment will always be the amount agreed upon in the initial email, in cash, and at the end of the shoot
6. Models must sign a release form. Models determine the name to be tagged or if alias is to be used.



21 Jan 14 13:11
Incredible port!
03 Jan 14 15:47
Thanks for the offer and the comment! Good luck I'm sure you won't need much though ;)
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