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19 Nov 15 17:29
Sam; As most photographers will agree (unfortunately) the trend is going from nudes to bikini and lingerie would you agree?
10 Mar 14 12:23
Amazing port!
10 Apr 12 15:40
Hey! I really enjoyed your work. Let me know if you would like to collaborate. I am now located in Potomac! ayougnmodel03@gmail.com
05 Apr 12 18:27
Sexy Work. I am interested in modeling for your publication, ad, for Biker Modeling. Just shoot me a message, check out my profile or contact me at TerryKirstie@yahoo.com if interested in me, thanks :)
01 Mar 12 04:59
Great port! :)
16 Feb 11 17:53
Thanks for the listing! perhaps our paths will cross someday during one of my upcoming adventures! ;^)
08 Jan 11 22:42
Hi Sam! Nice meeting you. Hope to see you again.
04 Jan 11 07:50
Hi Sam. Thanks for the list add! Nice to see you here too :) Looking forward to shooting with you. ~Laura London~
26 Nov 10 20:39
beautiful work i love it hope someday we can work together http://zarihsretouching.com/
03 Oct 10 22:09
Outstanding work. Thanks for the add here. Keep in touch. God bless always, xo Marianne WRS
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