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I am an experienced Semi Professional Photographer in Milwaukee, WI. With experience in Fashion, Glamour and Fine Art Photography. I hold Photo Workshops and Group Shoots in Chicago, Milwaukee and on location events in Florida, Arizona and occasionally in Canada and Mexico.

Hoping to connect with photographers to network with and models from throughout the US to join us in our fun and exciting events. We feature top models from throughout the US and abroad. Many are published in top magazines like Playboy, Penthouse, FHM , Maxim,as well as Movies and TV Series. We also highlight up and coming models from the surrounding states - WI,IL,MN,MI and IN on a regular basis to give exposure to talented area models.

If you are an area model and wish to expand your portfolio and experience, please contact me to discuss your participating in one of our upcoming workshops or group shoots. If you live out of the area,please contact me to discuss the possibiliteis of our working together. Often I work with out of area models and feature them in one of our workshops and help them find additional paid work in the area. Many times I am open to hosting an out of town model for a few days if we work together. In addition to working and networking with some of the top photographers in the area and getting some terrific images. You will also earn attractive $$$ for your time,.

If you want to be associated with some of the finest photographers and models in the area then contact me today.

Photographers join for free if you are interested in participating in attending our workshops:


***If I friend you, it means that I like your work and want to work with you in the near future***



A few of the many great models that have been featured in our workshops and group events:

Candace Nirvana (NYC)
Kerri Taylor (NJ) ****
Desert Beauty (AZ)**
Leanne Leanne (AZ)****
Aimee Addison (AZ) ****
Anzhelika Yakimenko (SC)
Sativa Verte (NYC)
Violetta Storms (NJ)*****
Nikki Lee Young (NY)
Paper Doll Princess (CA)***
Artistic Physique (OH) **
DJ Fit (OH) **
Mz Fit (OH) ***
Carly Erin (MD)**
Bailey Daniels (MA)****
Bella Moore (AZ)
Isobel Wren (VA)
Laura Unbound (ON))
Tavia Spizer (AU)
Kimberly Marvel (CA) **
Modell T (CA) **
Jasmin Hernandez (NYC)
Marly (NYC)
Hannah Perez (MD) **
Kobe Lee (GA)**
Nicole Moser (MD)
Jenna Marie Eileen (NYC) **
Valerie Whitaker (VA)
April Berry (IL) **
Amalia Sue (IN)***
Miss Kristina (CA)**********
BeBe Antaliya (IL) ***
Christie Gabriel (IL)**
Denisa Greplova (IL)**
Kitty Me-Ow McMuffin (CA)
Cameo Michelle (IL) ***
Sexy Sara (SC)**
Jen Capone (FL) **
Asia Abendroth (FL)***
Scarlett (FL)
Nathalia (OH)
Jay Elle S (MO)
Mika Lovely (FL)**
Hollis Ireland (OH)
Anoush Anou (AU)**
Danielle Trixie (TX)**
Tancy Marie (FL)**
Cristal Catalina (FL) ****
Vassanta (AL)
Terra Incognita (OH) ***
Sienna Aldridge (NYC) ***
Daniella Rose (NYC) **
Sylvie Noir (SD) **
Madame Kitty (CA)
Kelsey Dylan (OH) **
BEK (MI) **
Jennifer Bollinger (IL) ***
Jayda 30 (IL)
Sara McDermott (WI)**
Holly DeGroot (WI)**
Deanna Deadly (IL)***
Clayra (WI) ***
JEM model (CA)*****
Precious Little (IL) **
Erica Meta (WI)
Jes Lynse (WI)**
Kajira (CO)***
Erin Lea (WI)**
Britney Sands (IL)
Samantha Samuel (IL)****
Britney Anne Klump (WI) *****
Paige Rad (WI)**
Stephanie Lynn (WI)**
Bonita Bannock (FL) ***
Theda de Sade (WI) ****
Natasha Nefrini (WI)**
Bella Stolinski (WI)*******
Deena White (WI)***
Shellilynn (WI) ***
Cat Lasee (WI) **
Brianna Blu (CO) **
Kity Pleasure (WI) **
Bailey Daniels (MA) *****
Andie Hall (PA) **
Tammy Jean (PA) **


27 Apr 16 23:44
Good Job on your work man . love the look of what I saw in your port. Much success in the future mane.
25 Jul 14 15:10
Thanks for the Friend Request , quite a Portfolio.
02 Mar 14 09:27
Thank you for the request. Beautiful work!
07 Feb 14 17:40
luv the work
05 Feb 14 17:31
I travel :)
04 Feb 14 23:26
Stunning port!
30 Jan 14 13:18
Welcome to iStudio! Amazing port. Best of luck! :)
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