About Me

Lover of art and music. Cosplay = Awesomness! ^~^
l have been modeling part time for a few years now and have now decided to make it my full time job. l will be appearing in a calendar to be released later next year as well as a poster and have been used in hair dressing brochures. l am petite in structure, have a few body tattoos that can be seen in some of my portfolio pics.
I enjoy to draw as well as model (: Hope you enjoy my pictures!
I am free all week from 2pm till 8pm (:
I do not shoot nudes and my specialty is cosplay ^~^
Hope to work with you in the future
Much Love
xoxoxo Cassidy Jackson



10 Mar 15 14:06
Love your port, so versatile.
12 Sep 14 01:17
Fascinating port... Awesome shots.
07 Sep 14 05:54
Great port!
01 Sep 14 20:37
Nice work!
13 Aug 14 00:54
Great port!
16 Jul 14 16:02
Love your port <3
07 Apr 14 14:59
Stunning port!
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