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Hey all :) My name is Julie! I'm a feminist, photographer, and filmmaker. In that order! I'm NOT here to help turn women into sex objects (there's enough of that out there!) I'm here to make women look beautiful and empower them! I also enjoy shooting male nudes and I'm not ashamed to say it! Let's shoot :)



24 Nov 15 09:53
Love your work
22 Mar 15 17:40
Thanks for the tag! You are so sweet and I love your work.
07 Nov 14 10:53
Thanks for the pic comments and list! I'm glad you like my work. :) You have a nice portfolio yourself! Best, Lauren
22 Oct 14 01:11
Thank you for kind photo comment, list, and FR. Your work very lovely.
21 Oct 14 12:10
Thankyou for the kind words stopping by to return the favor! Keep up the great work :)
20 Oct 14 12:25
Hi Julie! Nice to see you on here :) Would love to shoot with you again!!! Your port looks great! I see you're still making us guys do all the stripping, haha ;)
20 Oct 14 11:51
Love your port :)
20 Oct 14 11:35
Welcome! Would love to see more from you. Best of luck.
20 Oct 14 11:11
Nice work!
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