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Before I introduce myself as a photographer he was military in the Mexican army. During my life as a soldier in different ecosystems and landscapes of my country I started the interest in landscape and portrait photography.

At the end of my military service that lasted four years started to develop as a photographer. Mainly interested in portraying landscapes and natural beauties of my country. Making photographs outdoor camping within nature reserves with the camera in hand and a backpack with 50 kilograms of equipment by several weeks.

But I like to portray people. I especially like portraits in outdoor locations and flash my lights only use fabric filling, while playing with the elements of the dynamic compocicion and I frames or attempt to recreate the spiral of Vitruvius in my images. In studio portraits I like working mainly in low key and always with neutral colors without texture background.

In the rest of my interests as a sport scuba diving and skydiving. You can see a sample of my work in general in the next photographic slide that I shared in my youtube channel (both landscape and portrait photos)

>>>>> <<<<<< Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuqopam9XAE

I work in different cities of my country. From Mexico City to Los Cabos or Cancun in the north to the south. In most cities I personally and some other cities in collaboration with other photographers and networks; where my activities are focused on the post-processing of images, video and performing other services for advertising or model.

By this I hope to meet many fellow photographers and models of other countries, especially since from 2016 photographic tours start from other countries (I am currently finishing my portfolio of my country >>> <<< July 2015).

To contract within my payment options include the option of bitcoins, I also accept proposals TFCD when the project is something new that benefits the variety of my photographic portfolio.

You can reach me and contact me directly by my page numenfreelancer.mx; fb profiles, vk and others on the contact page of my numenfreelancer.mx page


Numen freelancer photographer


23 Jul 16 16:14
nice port, many amazing pic ;)
27 Jul 15 19:37
Cool port!
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