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I love to draw the most beautiful thing on earth: The female body. So I dedicated most of my art to the pinup art. I love to draw women who spread a certain erotic, but don't show too much. For my drawings I am always looking for Models, who wish to be drawn. I use photos as reference only, because one drawing takes about a week or two (or sometimes even more) in my free-time, and I don't think any model would keep still that long :-) And my photography skills are pretty dull. I sometimes like to just copy a photograph, but sometimes get inspired by a picture to do a SF- or fantasy based drawing. So if you are interested in getting a drawing of yourself, just contact me.



All of my work is available as prints in different sizes. So if you're interested in one, send me a message

Add me on MySpace, too: www.myspace.com/diri_finearts





2007 - Published in Artbook "Aphrodisia II"
2007 - Published in Artbook "World's greatest erotic Art of today"
2007 - Published in Magazine "Vixen"
2008 - Published in Artbook "World's greatest erotic Art of today vol. II"
2008 - Published in Magazine "Jade" issue #42/2008
2008 - Published in Artbook "The Art of Dirk Richter"
2009 - Published in Artbook "World's greatest erotic Art of today vol. III"
2009 - published in Artbook "The Art of Dirk Richter vol. II"
2009 - published in Artbook "Artscene today - Erogenous Zones"


11 Jan 13 14:44
very very beauty drawing
19 Aug 10 14:56
Beautiful art. I like your style of drawing.
22 May 10 20:31
Thank you for FR! Please visit my page
21 May 10 08:06
Interesting portfolio!
16 Jan 10 00:20
outstanding work, hats off.
15 Jan 10 16:34
14 Jan 10 16:02
Your work is lovely and inspiring. Thank you for the opportunity to witness your creativity :)
14 Jan 10 12:34
14 Jan 10 12:29
Hey Buddy! Glad to see you here
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