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About me:

My name is Zim Killgore, I reside in Temecula California. I have been taking photographs for 2 years now. It started photography as a hobby and will always be a part of my life. I am a self taught photographer learning from my mistakes and repetitious experiments. I've always have had a passion for exceeding myself as much as I can. I believe one can achieve whatever they desire by giving it your all and always trying harder. Art is a journey. Lets discover what paths we can create.


My goal is to make people stop and get lost in MY WORLD.

Due to the rising requests, i have very little free time. I can normally only shoot on the weekends. so if you want to shoot with me, please be sincerely dedicated. If you have something in mind, please tell me so we can collab and make it what we both want.
I have hundreds of ideas waiting for that certain model to come along fill the part. I spill all my heart into what i create, i hope you will do the same while working with me.


I normally don't do TFP UNLESS I'm trying a new style or I think your idea is very innovative. My rates are flexible depending on if I am traveling to you, or you are coming to me and what the shoot consist of. If you want to set a date, or ask any questions, please message me ASAP.

Cell: 951 816 1504
Email: zimkillgore@yahoo.com
Website: www.zimkillgore.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/zimzimzim
Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/zimkillgore/
My PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=443q7LKqcj0



Angela Taryn Aubree S.
Courtney Gwen Christy Hemme Brandilyn
Mikaila Ogden Nikol Hodges Autymn
Melissa Marie Ivy Slime Nicole Ordaz
Dani Artaud Walter Rockwell Brian Doll
Khalid Asseria Brenae Alexandria
Cyn Ari Stephanie Bula Sonya Sommers
Jaquelyn Fran Frieden Alex Funda
Stevie Christine Larissa Jessica Chance
Cha Cha Courtney Dior Jasmin Taylor
Tracey P Aaryk Amy Orchard
Janelle Laurren Demitria Dustman Kess M
Kimberleigh Kasey Kole Tera Williams
Hailey lovett Meg Strouse Jessica Maine
Brenna Clark Jaydene Rose Kyuri
Anette Katie Chan Ms. Rockwell.
Ryan Rhedoric Iris Becca Baby Cakes
Lauren Lunday Alana Crain Jessica Vardinski


26 Feb 14 08:52
Phenomenal and beautiful work :)
05 Nov 09 00:48
Hi, and Thanks for the friend request! I think we have worked with a few of the same people, I recognize the burning goat! lol. Do you ever travel to central coast cali? I would love to work with you if you are interested!
31 Oct 09 19:36
Fine then, I will lol I'd like to make plans with you to come out your way after the first of the year:) Please keep in touch! Fred-E
30 Oct 09 12:31
This is the work i am use to seeing. I love it, all of it! We have to get together in the near future and shoot:) *I'm serious* I love your whole port!! Fred-E
29 Oct 09 14:13
Your port is so professional looking, very beautiful :)
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