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Ok I Am Done being Sick!!!Moving on!Well My Name Is Stephen But You Can Just Call Me Fin. I am on this site to meet some interesting people and Maybe get a little bit better at this Photography thing!! Ok Still Not able to pay for shoots at this time but I can help people with network connections if you want?After 7 years in The Fetish/Bondage Fields I have plenty of Connections.No I don't want to be your manager!! I just want to do some good deeds to Bolster My Karma a bit!! You Know Give Back To the Community ?? Any Questions Please feel free to contact me! I really am Harmless and I Don't Bite ....Much .............................Im Out of Here!!...Fin



15 Feb 12 10:50
Thanks for the add good buddy!
10 Jan 11 15:30
likewise! ;)
10 Jan 11 10:11
thanks for the FR! perhaps our paths will cross someday! ;^)
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