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We have got past most of our TF* stage, but we will consider on a case by case basis. We typically work with models that are represented by an agency. Too many flakes out there. If you are not working with an agency that is fine too, but, dont expect us to take you seriously until you prove you are serious about modeling, and can be reliable.

RULES for all models invited to work for us:

1: READ entire offer.

Dont fill in the blanks or try to modify the project. We are not shooting TFCD or just for portfolio use. We extend an invitation because we feel you MAY be what we need for a certain project. We work together to complete the project so WE both get paid. I am not paying out of my pocket so i can shoot someone. If you are being paid, its because there is an outside company paying us for a project or i feel i can create a product that will sell.

2: BE responsible and honest.

If you are not sure about the project, say so up front. We may be willing to work with you to see your potential. If it works, great, if not, so be it. But DO NOT offer to work a project and then get cold feet after things are booked and then cancel or worse FLAKE.

3: Communicate:

YOU MUST PROVIDE US WITH A WORKING PHONE NUMBER and email address. In addition, you MUST respond to communications in a timely manner. ( we will not give your phone number to anyone, all communication via phone is for professional contact only ) Rest assured, we are not calling/texting for anything other than business related events.

4: No Excuses:

Believe us, we have heard all the excuses and stories. We are very reasonable and flexible, but we are not nieve.

5: Schedule:

We are all busy people, and if you know anything about us, i can pretty much promise YOUR schedule is by far not as busy as mine. TRUST ME!!!
If you book a shoot with us, SHOW UP... Do not waste our time if you cant be reliable or are unsure if you want to do a project. If you are soooooo busy, dont post a profile on ANY site until you have the ability to actually shoot and follow through with what you say on your profile. You waste a lot of photographers time weeding through tryin to figure out who the good models are.

6: Accepting offers to shoot TFCD/Paid:

Make sure you understand the offer. PROMPTLY schedule a time for the shoot ( no saying, oh yes i am intersted or would love to do this, and then never seem to schedule a day)
In your acceptance of the offer, provide specific and/or typical dates that you may complete the shoot. If you are too busy to make it work, then why are you wasting ANYONES time.
ALSO include a cell number for offline communication.

There you have it. There are the basics to working for us. We know alot of this seems obvious, but it has to be said. In person, we are VERY laid back and love to joke around ( yet be professional).


**********Currently working on paid projects. Feel free to contact us for details.****** If you are offered to participate in a paid project, please only respond if you can be dependable, have timely response with communication, and will actually follow through. Be professional... it goes a long way in every aspect of life. ********

POTENTIAL MODELS PLEASE READ ..... Like many Photographers have done, I am following suit. This is a list of models who agree to work with you ( AND yes even paid projects they have agreed to) then:
A) can never seem to set a date
B) give you a date, I agree to it, then you can never seem to reach them by phone, they never return a voice message or emails or texts in order to set time and location etc ( usually respond with a lame excuse after the date they give you as to why they didnt get ANY of your messages)
C) Just plain dont show up

The dreaded FLAKE LIST:



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