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As part of my design work, I got into photography in 2000 and have been active at it ever since.

I like to know my subject and get some understanding of who or what I am dealing with. I prefer to photograph subjects as natural as possible, to capture their beauty, emotions and personality as something genuine, something that people can relate to in their real life. If dealing with a fantasy concept, I would strive for something that does not strike as fake or posed but inspires imagination, and is founded on ceativity and originality. But even for fantasy, to leave a lasting impression, the element of realism should not be missing.

I do always explore and experiment whenever I come across a suitable idea or oppertunity. The only thing I dont do and will not do is gore.

NOTES for aspiring/experienced models:

1. "Paid Assignment Only" Models: but of course, you're worth it right? Yes what you get paid per hour or per assignment, I get per frame, if not more. So I pay for your time, you pay for mine, fair deal.

2. Your attitude and manners sell you far better than your looks ever can. If you think you're too experienced and know something better than the photographer conducting the shoot, you're probably way too old and the photographer too amateur. So good luck with your shoot!

3. If you don't fall in the above category, please brush up on your manners a bit and watch your attitude when you even initiate any conversation with anyone in the industry. Looks may make the first impression but attitude will leave the most lasting one.



Philips Electronics Aurea Launch
MTV Whatever Things
Digital Photographer Magazine
Lime Magazine
Fifth Season
Liz Claiborne
FEI Internationl Show Jumping

Numerous portraiture, glamour, fashion and casual shoots with professional and amateur models, dancers, escorts, singers and your everyday house variety of girl next door. A few of them posted at: http://anype.com/SURF/http://photo.net/photos/bilal

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26 Jul 12 11:36
Hey Lovely images,will love to shoot with you someday! xoxo
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