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"Gritty Pretty" OR "Home of Fantasy, Home of Sci-Fi"

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Here we thrive on creativity, we always have since we started a couple of years ago. Both me and my girl-friend (make up artist) always wrap our heads around every single photo shoot. Having said that i mean we literally get involved we make the sets, make the props, make the clothing . Instead of you just being a flat JPEG, your pretty much acting through each individually unique photo set we offer. Whether its Horror, Pin up, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Erotic, Cosplay, we can do it and deliver that powerful punch.

We include a make up artist on spot, who may also help you with posing if you are having troubles. We are young(21) reliable, fast, creative, and fun and very easy going. We take our work seriously, and so should you. We have had the chance to work with some great people . The photos we do are portfolio safe we have had a couple of highly professional actresses and fashion models use these images within there portfolio without hassle.

If you are interested please book in a session and lets brain storm.

Our website : http://darkstarsphoto.com/

Our Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4 … amp;ref=ts

*********we do charge for our shoots****************
please visit our rates page here
We only do trade for trade with professional models that have had alot of experience, and would benefit us. OR if we asked you directly and just because i added you doesnt mean i asked
i grow tired of people messaging on here as if im going to dish out hours of my time to do there shoot.. But just because i said that,, it doesnt mean that if you message me Im going to say no to you.

*******if you cant afford the rates, you fix a price thats suitable to the idea that you can afford, and like mentioned above if you have alot of experience modeling, acting, working OUTSIDE vancouver we will work with you free.




23 Oct 10 07:48
I am absolutely in love with your work... You definitely have an amazing talent! Keep up the awesome work! <3
24 Mar 10 16:19
Highly unique port you have there Dark Stars... rock on!! Cheers Rich G.
02 Mar 10 16:36
Very interesting work!
01 Mar 10 03:08
Thank's for the comment
28 Feb 10 18:41
I love your porfolio!
13 Feb 10 08:39
Your work is insanely awesome! I love it!!!!
08 Feb 10 15:47
Oh wow your pics are amazing keep up the awsume work
05 Feb 10 08:29
Hi there, Notify me if you are traveling to Bali. Cheers,TITA
04 Feb 10 06:22
Thanks for the add and comment!Ruslan.
03 Feb 10 18:40
A WOW Port!!! Yes better then MM without the Stuufed heads and hopefully will NEVER turn like MM...
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