About Me

what can i say, my name is dwayne, and i love photography...i love capturing moments for everyone to enjoy. i have recently recieved the opportunity to work with some of the best local talent in and around saint louis. i have learned from them and i hope that they have learned from me as well. i have had a great time geting to know these people and calling a few of them friends.

all i hope to achieve from being here is becoming the best well rounded photographer that i can. i love what i do and i have much respect for those in the art. if you think i can do better, tell me. if you want to see something in my work, tell me.


house of style produstions-saint louis
lee ruiz
ryan mccalla
nathan simler
ladonna long
charles hackman
benjamin walz
monjour davis
so many more that if i forgot you i still love you.