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Hello my name is Bernard (originally from Germany) and I am in this wonderful country since 1980.
I am a professional photographer and I am using this website to network with models as well as other photographers.


If you are very different in style or look and/or have a neat concept in mind or something that would be fun to collaborate on....talk to me.
Convince me that I want to shoot with you.

I am not planning to expand my portfolio, so if you need great Dreamphotos for your port....let me know. I will make you a very special inexpensive offer that is hard to reject.
We have even a better deal if you come to us thru a referral from a friend that shot with us before.

I am looking to work with models that are serious about their work.

If you feel that you can not show up to a scheduled shoot please do not contact me.

My studio is very close to the Charlotte Airport and the Charlotte Police Academy right of Beam Road and Shopton.
Dreamphoto photographs portraits / headshots / glamour / events.
Reproduced as framed art, calendar shots, magazine, web and newspaper.
We are shooting with the newest most advanced and very expensive professional digital camera system in the world:
The famous Canon EOS-1 Ds Mark III (besides my other 5 cameras).
Anything is possible.....and the sky is the limit ... since my wife and I both love to pilot planes...we can even fly you there. LOL

Some other important points before we shoot:

1. I require that a standard model release of the Professional Photographers Association of America (PPAA) be signed and we need to see a valid picture ID.

2. Escorts are welcome on the premises if this makes you feel more secure and comfortable. (unlike some GWC)
However, they will not be just sitting there watching the shoot.
They are welcome to sit in front of the TV in our showroom and can check in with the model when they want.
Sitting and just watching the shoot is a huge distraction to the model and to me.
I have tried this many, many times and I have had too many images ruined by a model not paying attention to me and paying attention to what their escort is doing.
On another note, do not bring your mom and/or dad to a glamour model shoot.
No matter what YOU say, they might object to what kind of pictures you shoot even though YOU may want them.

3. I need a regular e-mail address since some of you are not checking their ModelMayhem account as often as their own e-mail; your cell-phone number would be great in case I have to notify you of a change or a delay.

MOST IMPORTANT: YOU need to reconfirm the shoot one day prior with me be phone, e-mail, sms or carrier pigeon.... otherwise I will cancel the session.

4. It would be nice if you are on time for a photo session.
If I have to drive in to the studio on a weekend or wait for you during the week and I can be on time...I guess so should you.

A very special thank you to all the great models that have made my portfolio and my business what it is today.
I am offering my services to anybody that wants great pictures of themselves.
We are located in a commercial building and this is not some "make-shift" studio in someone's spare bedroom.
Our rates are very reasonable and we are very sure that you will send your friends our way as well after you received your Dreamphotos.
I wish all the models here at MM showed the same professionalism as the models I have worked with.
I have had some "Flakes" in the last month.
I have talked to other photographers and it is very interesting to find out how these same models are doing the same things to other photographers too.
I am thinking of publishing a "flake list" or at least make others aware of their problem models.
I am happily married to a beautiful wife and we have two Dressage Horses....and that's all I can handle.
If any of the above appeals to you.....please get in touch with me...you won't regret it.
Since I am traveling quite a bit all over the world and the USA it would be important to plan your session with Dreamphoto as early as possible.
...and please read the comments below or contact the models I worked with in the past....word of mouth is the best advertising there is. I am more than happy to send you a reference list.


©2020. All photographs by DREAMPHOTO, Bernard or Vision Studios are protected by international copyright law. No image may be used, edited, reproduced, transferred, published or distributed in any form or by any means whatsoever without prior written permission from the artist.


I am shooting for several Magazines and Newspapers locally as well as internationally.
My work has been published all over the world in news stories, websites, advertisements, calendars and magazines.
I am also known as the "Eye-Doctor" as I seem to have the ability to capture eyes in a very nice way.
I always say: "Eyes are the keys to the soul".....and that's what I try to capture with my cameras.
If you read the comments and tags of the posted pictures...people seem to agree with that.


02 Dec 10 03:05
Bernard, You are too kind. As OH SO TALENTED! I would be honored to work with you again! Just say the word! I think some wintry work is a must! Best to you my friend! XOXO Gwendolyn
27 Nov 10 08:52
very creative portfolio stunning images http://zarihsretouching.com/
20 Jul 10 20:40
So you have met them too, I see!!! Tom
04 Jun 10 23:50
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
04 Jan 10 09:44
Hello,thank you! Your work are great!!!
04 Nov 09 23:12
Welcome to iStudio! I obviously need to start hanging around with you! :)
04 Nov 09 22:54
Welcome to iStudio family. Thanks for the add. Excellent work. God bless and good health, Marianne- WRS
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