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I am working to get at least one or two paid shoots a month. i really want to do those in a studio environment. But if I have to do those in a location that's fine also.

I am looking for 10-20 models that I can work with on a regular basis in the Memphis area. I am looking for males or females, ages 16-80, from petite to "i feel sexy the way I am". This will be a portfolio builder for you and for me. No nudity for these shoots, but we may do an implied shoot once or twice. If the "need" for a nude shoot comes up, it will be artistic and compensated. Otherwise i would like to begin these shoots as TFCD (trade for CD), in which you will receive a CD of the photos we take. These mostlikely will be uneditted in jpeg form. You may use them in any manner you want, just give me the credit for the shots. I will also do the same for you. I do have ideas of doing a magazine and/or a calendar in the near future.

You can view my work at:

I do location photographs and am willing to travel. I have put more concentration on model and creative photography. I do not have to do nudes but I will with an artistic look. I am open to do more artistic photography, once i get a more stable studio type of site.

I am eger to help others gain a step in the doors of modeling and photography.




04 Jan 11 17:40
14 Apr 10 06:12
hi there! Thank you! Your port is beautiful too! :)
04 Mar 10 16:08
Thank you so much!
23 Nov 09 07:42
18 Oct 09 20:32
Thank you for listing my Image.
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