About Me

Photographer in the DMV area.

Working on Boudoir Portfolio.

Studio in Arlington, VA

Looking to shoot models for Zivity.com sets.

Very limited TF* these days, but it never hurts to ask :)


Models I have had the pleasure to work with: (Who has time to do this section? :) )
-Babylove- Many times, and again soon.
Mel Heflin um... .
Jessa Austin Model - Beautiful and Amazing
Rachel Dashae - She's 4'10" of pure flake.
Caprea - Wonderful, friendly, takes amazing pictures.
Corissa Furr -[c] Easily one of the best models I have ever met or worked with[/b]
Keeper - Current MIA from Modeling, very sad :(
Chante Evette um....
gypsyfashionista -Almost too fun to shoot, You will just want to hang out with her for HOURS!
Sarrah Beth - Beautiful, good poser, always a ton of fun and [s]has[/s] had a better camera than me... :)
Cobrani - Master model of Meet & Greets. Makes ugly clothes look Beautiful.
Stephanie Larimore
Miss Nancy
Miss Spookiness
Shawna F
Danielle Whitney
Jessicka Time bomb
Michael Scott
Rita Ann
Olivia Demsko
Kurvy Kara
Penn State Girl
Bunny Greene
Robyn Angelface
Alicia Erin
Nicole Moser
Amber LL
kerri taylor
Carrie Carlin
Melissa Trout
Fragile Dekay
jessangel2003 Was beautiful, wet, warm and nekkid. What could be better?
Olya Delano
Lee Loo La
Chelsea Mayall
Miss MK
Aly London

Photographers I have worked with and/or recommend:

Shutterbug Sarrah - Beautiful Pictures and a Great Model too!
CLT - His profile is probably deleted right now, check back in a month or two.
Tim Prendergast - Master of light and magic. Very nice to models and helpful to other photographers.
PK Brazil - Master of Spam, everyone loves him and follows him to all the events.
RC Images
Robb Mann Dark, Light, IR... Does it all!
Procopio Photography
Willis Bretz
Magicc Imagery
Sarah Beth Faison Proves Talent beats equipment every day.
redshiftBLUESHIFTimages - Call her Katie, its much easier that her Modeling and Photographer names :)


15 Jun 11 17:33
Sorry to hear you hurt your back, I am glad you are doing better now. We will have to get together sometime while the weather is cooperating. :)
15 Jun 11 17:20
Hi! I have been crazy busy with my job recently, how are you doing?
12 Jun 11 12:02
Very nice photos! Anytime if you need a PhotoEditing/Retoucher,please touch me! And you can send me one to have a try.This one is free. Email: garden_siyu@126.com My site: http://gardenofsiyu.xp3.biz/en%201.htm
13 Nov 10 22:31
Hi; how have you been?
21 Jun 10 14:42
Thanks for the FR!! Great work.Hope to work with You.
14 Nov 09 01:11
Thanks for the FR!! :)
25 Sep 09 21:28
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