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I am looking for male and female models, Photoshop Wizards, MUA's, Digital Artists, Clothing Designers, and Approved Agencies that are licensed in the state of Texas to up my portfolio.

All models either need to have minimalist tattoos or be able to bring wardrobe and pose in such a manner that the tattoo will not be in the final print. I consider tattoos as copyrighted work and you can read more about the topic at http://news.bmezine.com/wp-content/uplo … 31208.html I am not against tattoo's but they are a form of copyrighted art and as such I will not photograph them unless I have written permission from the artist.

Female models should be HWP and be able to rock a fashion look. Male models - I am mainly needing athletic and lifestyle causal. MUA's - I do not pay kit fees. We all have expenses.

All work will be on location at either Sunken Gardens or the McNay. That means all participants will have to deal with the humidity of South Texas which usually wreaks havoc on hair and makeup. There are no changing areas at either location. Models and fashion designers should plan on a layered look or using accessories to change a look. We can also work in the rental studio but I expect help with the studio rental fees.

Models - makeup artist and hair stylist will not be provided unless we have one willing to work on a trade basis with us. Feel free to bring yours and remember I do not pay MUA kit fees of any kind on trade work.

Five unedited images of my choice will be provided on a CD suitable for 8x12 prints and will contain my logo tastefully applied. Also provided on the CD will be the same five images sized for social media.

Photoshop wizards - I will provide the raw images to you for your use. In return I want at least one image in JPEG format without logos that is sized for a 9 x12 print and I would also like a smaller JPEG image to use on social media. You will be credited where I use the images.

I shoot either early morning or late afternoon on weekends. Escorts, chaperons, or whatever are welcome as I can always use help with gear and other things. But if they interfere in any form or manner then we are done with the shoot.

Please use basic courtesy during the shoot. That means turn your cell phones off.

Lastly, if you accept a trade shoot with me I expect you to keep the appointment as this work is just as important as a paying gig to me. If I tell you I will be there then that means I am expecting the shoot to happen.





Taylor Ashley Ricks Model
Ashley Keenum Model
Tiffany Unique Model
Lupe Alsidez Model
Savannah Model


23 Nov 09 00:46
Great work, I like your different skills and techniques in photography....
20 Jun 09 13:02
Hello from Austin - Good work!
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