About Me

In the year 2000 I decided to quit my degree in History and dedicate myself to what I had always wanted to do, photography.
I began taking a course in image and sound in Mare de Déu de la Mercè high school, and I continued doing some specialized courses in Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia). Nevertheless, my real education came with the experience I gained in my job as a photojournalist, through which I have been able to cover all kind of news and I have had to adapt myself to different situations.
I took part in the II, III, V and VI Photofashion workshop given by Santi Hernández in Pipa, Brazil; and Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Professionalism, compromise and efficiency are the basis to obtain the best result in my work.



20 Nov 15 15:36
Terrific port!
12 Jul 11 07:44
Awsome portfolio! :)
08 Jun 11 11:51
Love ur port! I will be in June for Holiday in Spain,but not in Madrit :( It will be nice to work with u. all the best! M.
10 Dec 10 02:45
Excellent work
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