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NOTICE: New to the modeling biz? Check out Modeling 101*, a comprehensive series of articles on the modeling business designed to help newcomers get a clean start.

I'm a veteran portrait/commercial photographer who has returned to the business after a 15-year detour as a documentary & corporate video producer. Still have some connections in the vid biz who occasionally call me up looking for talent, so if you're interested in modeling for moving pictures, call me and introduce yourself. I'm not interested in being a "manager" or taking a cut of your pay; I just pass the names along if I know them to be reliable.

While I don't do it as often as I once did, I do still occasionally enjoy TF collaborations with models who are responsible, creative, and enthusiastic about the work. So whether you're a newbie or an experienced veteran, give me a call and we'll talk.

For my own needs, I’m now specifically looking for models and MUAs who are interested in creating dynamic, unusual images that can stand alone as conceptual and/or nude artworks. Additionally, we're always looking for models to help us create sample images for teaching points in the glamour- and fine-art nude workshops that we present to other photographers, and, of course, we can always use new models for the day-long workshops themselves. All modeling associated with our workshop presentations is paid work.

About TF work:

If you're NOT as serious about modeling as I am about photography, or if you have trouble making and keeping appointments, please don't waste my time or yours. If you ARE serious, however, don't be coy--if you don't ask, I can't respond, but if you do, I will (and I rarely bite).

Contact me through the Sourcelight web site (much preferred) or through the mechanisms provided here.

Bruce Jones

* Since iStudio is unwilling to actually propagate this or any other link, here it is in plain old html (although you'll still have to copy-and-paste): http://sourcelightphoto.com/modeling-news-tips



26 Feb 18 14:02
Hey I do totally still want to work with you guys! Once I can figure out a way to get to your place it’s on for sure ;)
03 Jan 17 16:15
Nice Photos :)
09 Oct 16 08:32
HI Bruce :) thanks for the tag! I was in Utah for a long time, but I'm in Idaho right now just for a little bit. I've been thinking about moving back to Salt Lake though.
09 Nov 15 08:20
Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately I'm not in your neighborhood :-(
09 Dec 14 12:06
Thank you. Will sure let you know! If I'm ever in your town. Stay well :)
18 Nov 14 05:28
Thanks for the nice tag and yes would love to work with you
27 Sep 14 14:57
Thank you for stopping by and sweet compliment. You have a stunning portfolio!!! Let me know if you do any traveling! Brenda
21 Jan 14 18:21
Amazing port!
30 Sep 13 02:14
Thanks for the friendship. I read your tag...how cool!
29 Sep 13 04:43
Hey Bruce, I enjoyed touring your port. Now I'm off to Wendy's to find a couple new Models!
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