About Me

I'm a plus sized model who tends to be rather shy at times though when you get me to open up I seem a bit unusual. I lean more towards the alternative modeling, but I can do anything from casual/glamor to full on rocker/zombie theme along with anything in between. I am also a photographer and I have a page on here for that the name is "Twisted Cynn Productions". on top of that I also edit my own photography so if you are not good with that stuff I can do it myself. :)

I am broke almost all the time (then again who isn't?) and I am not able to pay for shoots and what not, so I would be doing TF* things. I warn you now though that I can be a complete smartarse and have a weird sense of humor at points so be prepared for that.

My most recent measurements are:

Pecs: 18.25
Bust: 58
RC: 48.75
Abs: 57.25
Hips: 61.25
Thigh: 32
Inseam: 29

The extra stuff I have are:

- a scar in/on my belly button, a scar between my lower rub cage area and 2 that are hardly noticeable all from my gallbladder surgery.

-My earlobes are only pierced once

-I have a scar on my right inner thigh that is a bit thick and is about 4 inches long

-A small scar on my left kneecap and also 2 small ones on my left arm though you can't see them all that much unless you look hard but are easier to spot then the many scars I have on my arms from my cats.

I do not have any tattoo's but I am planning on having some later in life when I am able to.

What I'm NOT willing to do:

-I will not be up to taking nudes or implied nudes unless other wise approved

-I'm not up for fetish/BMSD type things, though you can try to talk to me about idea's and talk it over with me.

-I do not approve of PORNOGRAPHIC photography as I do not see them as art, I can be picky about photographers I'm willing to try to work with because I do have standards of what I am looking for a sleazily photographers/photography is below my minimum expectation.

My warnings and notices other wise:

-I will probably always bring someone with me as a safety precaution though I will make sure that they are quiet and do not interrupt our photoshoot session. :)

-Again I'm a weird person yet I'm very shy please be patient with me and I will warm up to you. I'm still just a beginner and trying to work on my self esteem.

-I do have asthma and Bursitis in my hips so if I'm slow I am sorry but I can not help it, though I tend to push myself farther then I should go with these issues and it just makes them worse.

-I am broke a lot from having no job, I do not have my license yet so I do not drive and the bus schedules here are tight at points and NOTHING in Wilsonville Bus system wise doesn't run on weekends so I'm sorta stuck here on weekends. (If you want to work with me drop me a message and I will tell you the times things run or I can get out)