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If you would like to become a Flawless Angel or Vixen, don't be shy, take a moment to send me a message.  

Hello, and thank you for droping by. I am Jeffrey Pierre, the owner and photographer for FlawlessAngel.com & FlawlessVixen.com. I am based out of California's Central Valley. If you are not familiar where this is; that means I live 3 hours North of the Los Angeles area, 3 Hours inland (east) of the San Francisco Bay area, and 3 hours South of Sacramento. If you dig my port, and would love to work with me, don't be shy, as I am looking for more clients to photograph in new areas! Again, Thank you for visiting!

-Jeffrey Pierre

Package Options:
-Test shoot- Send me a message.
Per Hour - $175
Half Day - $550 (up to 4 hrs)
Full Day - $1200 (up to 9 hrs)
$195 Per 2 Look(s)



22 Sep 10 13:46
Thanks for the FR!
14 Sep 10 11:10
Thank you for the picture comment! :)
02 Mar 10 04:33
Poke......=) Thanx for friending me =) '''DrR3aM BiiG, W0rkK HarRd''' -iamAngel Www.myspace.com/flawl3ssb3autii Www.twitter.com/flawl3ssb3autii Www.istudio.com/22059 Www.vimeo.com/9045770
13 Feb 10 20:14
You have a very beautiful port. Every picture looked fantastic in its own way!
08 Jan 10 13:19
Great port!Thank you for the FR!
30 Nov 09 23:17
Thanks for the FR nice port anytime tiff
22 Aug 09 21:00
05 May 09 03:58
thanks for the FR. Nice port!
29 Apr 09 03:19
thankz for the add ;) great port ;) take care ;)
20 Apr 09 20:23
Hi, thanks for FR...you have some gorgeous images. Rach :)
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