Marie-Claude Melissa Dubuisson
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:264 lbs
Measurements:42-41-43 in
Shoe Size:10
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Short
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Black
Skin Color:Brown
Experience:Very Experienced
Compensation:Paid Assignments Only
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Last:10 May 2024

About Me


Melissa Dubuisson... with the legal first and last name of: Marie-Claude Mélissa Dubuisson was born in a middle-class family. Her family is really respected in her country of origin. She was born in Rosemont, Petite Patrie in Greater Montreal during late 70's.

Marie-Claude Dubuisson (name she wants to give herself as a future professional model). She lives currently with Bruno, a physical education teacher and highly qualified private trainer (he graduated he received a bachelor in physical education teaching with a French diploma) as well as a renowned businessman. Madame Marie-Claude Mélissa is located in Greater Montreal. Mrs. Marie-Claude Mélissa Dubuisson cherishes that precious dream in her life since she was a babygirl to become a plus size model in the category of casual also known all over the world.

She thinks that a professional photography session is a special opportunity to see an image held by flash of the camera with the possibility of reviewing an evolution.

She has made a lot of efforts to achieve good things throughout her life and more than ever, she wants to perform in professional modeling industry. When she looks at her entire portfolio, she realizes the evolution of her hard work. Her great efforts to be discovered... Within the plus size modeling industry is immeasurable. She considers herself that she is really reliable and in particular and she is really professional, punctual, she knows how to make herself look photogenic on an image. She has excellent skills of doing a good modeling job.

Recommendations from many casting agents, modeling agents and 'scouts' when she met them, for modeling lessons, all over city, they honestly mentioned that her potential to be a recognized plus size model with an excellent reputation is obvious. She is very proud of what she has been able to accomplish since then. Marie-Claude Dubuisson as done a lot of accomplishments since she was a teenager. When she was a child she always dreamed to be part of this magical world of dreams.

Very recently Marie-Claude Dubuisson will be represented by the internationally renowned modeling agency in the name of: ''Top Model Cast''. This is official she is now a professional plus size model. The best news will be coming soon! Don't miss our great news every day on this web site.

Her personal opinion regarding having a lot of experience in the world... Especially in the world of public relations in Canada... Regarding the arts, letters and the public... Being recruited in the industry plus size modeling; Mrs, Dubuisson is surely about to get there at the right time. Her dream will soon come true. News about Marie-Claude's evolution with Top Model Cast will follow... You will share the news with people around that's for sure!!!

Marie-Claude Melissa; was enrolled inside two universities where she studied during the years 2009 to the years 2022 in the field of arts and letters.

She really wants to help her mother who currently lives with her husband. In particular, she has worked for nearly thirty years as a nurse... She is currently retired at this particular moment in her life; to spend beautiful moments of quality... In the company of her son and legal co-partner.

She has a lot of experience in photography. The modeling courses that Mrs. Dubuisson followed were within a large recognized private school of models in Montreal, Quebec and Canada the name of this former school is: ''Show Case Montreal'' it was located in the North East of Montreal.

She was an extra (secondary role) in the American film in 1999: "The Sum of All Fears" by the main character Mr. Ben Affleck.

She enjoyed filming the film so much in the early 2000s; with this extraordinary artist under the pseudonym; LL Cool J, having a superb supporting role...

In which we could notice her professionalism during her performances as an extra. She was also an extra in many other films throughout the years 1999 to 2003 in Montreal.

Afterwards, his plausible experience and his credibility without the possibility of mentioning the contrary... His experience in the American Show Bizz in Montreal city and in Quebec and Canada is demonstrated in the archives...

Mrs. Marie-Claude Mélissa enrolled in a College in the program for young educators.

Throughout her college studies, Marie-Claude Mélissa supported her dad daily in the family residence during her college and university studies.

She entered as a university student to accompany her now retired dad living with his wife outside Canada. He was working as an worker for the city. During more than thirty years in Greater Montreal he made sacrifices for the gouvernment of local council of Montreal-East. Marie-Claude Mélissa's father currently lives with his wife with his loved ones in the Caribbean after really hard work throughout his flourishing career in Quebec, having always the moral support of his sisters and brothers living all in America.

She had an offer to become a professional actress to work with a French producer within a French production; which was supposed to be broadcast in France during the year 2005 with an extremely credible teacher from the west of Montreal.

This man Sir. D. Masse; showed a photograph to Madame Marie-Claude Melissa Dubuisson the beautiful proof that he really worked with the former top model in the name of Madame Cindy Crawford in the legal name Mrs Cynthia Ann Crawford.

Madame Marie-Claude Dubuisson, the model name she wants to give herself, has been selected to become a plus-size model in the United States; on the site: they actually wrote to her attention a letter to congratulate her hard work. Her current work as an stater professional model is appreciated by everyone...

This took place during the year 2007 in competition with other excellent candidates within this beautiful contest of models in the making of the competition.

She got her first paid contract for a professional photo shoot with a photographer who hired her to shoot professional photos on a photography set that was located inside her apartment. At this particular moment of their lives she was living in a romantic relationship with her former lover so this union lasted from January 2004 to June 2010 his name is: Monsieur Vincent Dostaler.

She took modeling lessons in the modeling school in the name of ''Show Case Montreal'' in the North East of Montreal during the year 2002.

Madame Marie-Claude Mélissa Dubuisson was photographed by many photographers all over the streets of Montreal during the time of when she was a teenage girl even today during her life being an adult.

She has been photographed several times with many photographers from all cultures on the streets of Montreal.

People always ask her if she is a plus size model. She had already received an offer to work with the great African-American actress with the legal name Madame Dana Elaine Owens under the nick name of ''Queen Latifah'' in a role with a world famous casting agency in Montreal.

Marie-Claude Mélissa is not ready to make humiliating contracts. The best time to join her (she returns all her calls) for gigs you can begin look for her in early spring 2023. Her contracts can be starting during april or may 2023 if possible. She wants to familiarize herself with her work team. Maybe we will work together many years after and later on hope so. Time runs fast! All modeling contracts will take place annually for several years to come. She will be able to give her all in her new job as a professional model, invest herself and give her all to the fullest. Thank you for your understanding specially to my agent.

Don't forget that the Modeling Marie-Claude Melissa subsidiary of CEMA GROUP (Center of Multiservices Mary See's Group) is in the ''casual'' category by excellence.

Mrs. Marie-Claude Mélissa Dubuisson is the best candidate; that you can ever have WORLDWIDE for plus size modeling gigs.

You should assign Marie-Claude Melissa Dubuisson for the ''booking'' in the area of ​​plus size modeling.

Fun, professionalism, regularly decent behavior, extraordinary life experiences, normal plus size fit...