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Yes, we talked to models and photographers and they said they need iStudio, so we are here:)  



27 Jul 15 03:21
Yes, you are needed. One can never get enough exposure in our industry.
20 May 15 12:20
Thank you, n the best!!! Cheers!
14 Apr 15 06:00
Thanks for the list! I appreciate it!
18 Feb 15 22:18
Thanks for the list! I appreciate it!
15 Nov 14 20:03
Great idea, great concept! all models ,photographers ,make up artist, stylist pull together
13 Oct 14 11:00
Thank u bunches for accepting me!!!
07 Oct 14 20:45
nice i am new here so yea
01 Oct 14 23:55
25 Sep 14 07:52
thank you
07 Sep 14 15:23
Hi Admin, my aviator and profile page's thumbnail pictures seem to be dark and not represented of the lighter images that show up when you click on them, is there something I am doing wrong or is this something to be fixed on your end? Thank you ~
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