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I worked as the curator for the Glendale Arts Council for many years. I was the design editor for AustralAsia magazine in Moscow Russia. Now I work as the design Editor for Ethereal Magazine. I am also a photographer, and Alt process printer. My Interests are: publication, hand-made art books, visual journals, collaborative art books, Compact Disc packaging, design & layout. My focus is currently with digital medias and design. I am also a texture artist. My passion for painting has lead me in may multi-media directions with my creative work.

I am now living in Vancouver BC Canada








This photo of Nina by Patrick Alt

Tim Morehead from Visual Ramblings Has started a new website for artists interviews.
Here is a link for the interview he did with me:

Interview of Nina Pak by Lou Benjamin for Focal Press

Almost everyday I am contacted through one of my websites with questions about my digital process. I am now doing presentations on my creative process and I am available for speaking engagements. Contact me at my E-mail for bookings: ninapak@dreamloka.com

I work with a lot of wonderful people, Most of them are just real people rather than professional "models", and to be honest I prefer it. I like flaws and character, and I don't mind someone who is not confident or who doesn't know how beautiful they are. Many of the people I shoot are friends or have become my friends. I want to say that I would never get these amazing images without the grace of my muses. It is a collaboration.

One of the reasons I enjoy iStudio, is for the connections I have made with other artists I admire. There is nothing more inspiring for an artist than to learn that there are others in this world who share their vision. I celebrate their success.

To see more of my work please visit my websites:

If you model for me:
You will get JPG digital photo files within a week of the shoot, which you can post on-line, or send to friends and family. There is a lot of post production work on these photographs. I will make a CD of all the images I work on for you, They will be printable TIFF files, or I will transfer them to you on-line, and from these you can make prints. (no raw images will be given.) I give a photographers release form to all models and stylists, so you can print your images in a commercial print shop without problems.

I want to thank all my models and Make Up Artists and other stylists who have been so supportive and enthusiastic about my work.

About Trade work:
I am currently doing a TF project which involves nudity or implied nudity. I am going for contemporary fine art with these images, my work is not about the nakedness of the model, I find the human form beautiful, and the end result is more spiritual in nature, sometimes the forms are nude and sometimes draped, costumes can get in the way of the art. I like the freedom to choose what is needed to make the image work. If you like my art and you trust my intentions, then you are the right muse for me.



Male Models:


10 Mar 12 03:35
Your work is absolutely breath taking!! I want to comment on each and every one, but just don't have time! But I will try.....Kudos!!
05 Mar 12 09:38
Amazing work, Nina.
24 Jan 12 13:28
Nina! ....I'm blown away! I was unfamiliar with your work until today and I now find it unforgettable.
21 Jan 12 01:01
Amazing Work. ~_^
27 Aug 11 09:36
Hi Nina thanks for your appreciation to my work. I also like very much your style and your photographic art.
19 Aug 11 10:34
^^ Your Welcome...I Think Your Port Already Give Me A Difficult Home work That I should Try,,,....Its Really Impressed Me ... I wish You would'n Mind To Teach me...About Your Photography Soul.Miss....
18 Aug 11 13:53
Thank you for the App !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shots , Your Art Work also So Amazing ^^ Wish I could Learn alot from you Miss NIna
26 Dec 10 19:47
Fanciful and beautiful port...
12 Dec 10 10:15
Fabulous Talent
25 Oct 10 21:57
point taken.
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