About Me

I have been a photographer for 100 years. I will continue to work hard to provide quality photos for the girls I work with. I am always updating my portfolio and I continue to enjoy working with local ladies and visitors to my location.

I am currently doing VERY limitted TF** and I do have a fee for certain types of shoots. I always give the model a fair amount images. All of my shoots require a release of course.

As a photographer I don't pretend to know it all and I like to try new things. If a model has an idea, i am willing to hear it and more often than not go along with it as long as she is in no danger.

As you may notice from my posted pix, I am most interested in shooting females in natural settings wherever I live. I will soon be moving to Texas, Austin area, and look forward to starting over.. I will travel to models on at reasonable locations. I love working with women and nature - trees, beaches, old houses, funky places and rocks and try to make use of the local parks for my shoots.

I enjoy working with women, I talk a lot when shooting and am always interested in having input and ideas from the ladies I work with.

If the above is of interest to you, drop me a note...

Friend requests are sent and accepted for a reason - I am not out to set a record or add to anyone else's record. If we have something in common or there is a chance of a shoot or possible collaboration, I will be happy to make your acquaintance and be a friend. If u think we should be friends, send me a note and we go from there... Aloha

I have no problem when a model wants to bring an unobtrusive escort to a shoot - NOT a boyfriend.

ALL shoots with young ladies under 18 must be supervised!



03 Jan 17 16:24
Nice Photos :)
10 Mar 14 21:18
Wonderful portfolio Frank. You have a definite eye for capturing beauty. Thank you for the tag and the photo comment. Best wishes.
16 Feb 14 18:16
Thanks for the lists! I wish I were there!
14 Feb 14 13:23
Gorgeous port! Wishing you all the best.
23 Jun 11 19:05
Thanks for the tag. I LOVE Kailua Kona!
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