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I am a full-time professional photographer and studio owner. My journey through photography began 38 years ago, when I took my first photography class. From that time on, I have never stopped learning, and I will never truly finish my education in the art of photography. The art is an ongoing process.

This site offers a great opportunity to not only showcase some of my work, but also provides me with the chance to help out aspiring models, in the same way that others helped me to further my artistic abilities as a professional photographer.

What do I require of a model? A simple work ethic - Be on time, be ready to work, work as hard as you can throughout the shoot, don't be afraid to try something out of your normal genre, take direction without attitude, and save the drama for your mama!

Are you a model who can do all of the above and have fun at the same time? Have a specific look that you feel is missing from your book, but you really want to try? Maybe you don't even know where to start and just need some ideas about what kind of looks would work well for you. Drop me a line and let's talk. If we can come up with a plan that would benefit the both of us - let's shoot it!


30 Jul 10 10:49
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