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I am a multi- talented jack of all trades and am knowledgeable in a variety of subjects as I have a wide variety of interests. I went to college in San Francisco and received a degree in Biological Anthropology with the intent of pursuing a career in Forensic Anthropology. I graduated in 2007 and moved back down to sunny So cal. Recently my goals have somewhat changed as I am thinking of going back to school to get a degree in Forensic Anthropology or Investigative Psychology. I feel like I wish to pursue a career as a Human Behavioral Analyst and as a professional photographer. I am a amateur photographer; I have been shooting photography for over 7 years. I also have taken classes in figure drawing and painting.I have a BA in Bio Anthropology Archaeology with a forensic focus which I feel helped to train my eye for fine detail. I have recently got into digital photography after years of using analog film cameras so this is an exciting time for me. So I'm here on Model Mayhem to work on and to further hone my craft, and I am willing to work with any one who is willing to.



10 Nov 11 10:36
Thanks for the add. great work! Ruslan.
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