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About Me

I'm Cassandra.

In the field, I work as CAA Photography. I have been shooting photos professionally since late 2009. I began experimenting with photography in 2008 taking photos of friends, and quickly discovered I had a passion for the lens. Since then, I gained valuable experience and discovered that photography wasn't just a passing hobby.

I live in Wheaton, but I also spend a lot of time in Hanover Park as well as Villa Park and West Chicago. I am generally open to locations and I have easy transportation into Chicago if a session requires it.

The roots of the word photography translate out to "drawing with light". Artists work for years to create the perfect work of art. I strive to create photographs that will be worth every minute you spend shooting with me, and worth every penny you pay for the final images. Before I discovered photography, I spent a lot of time drawing and painting and appreciating fine art in all its forms. I believe this allows me to be a more well-rounded photographer, because I have spent quality time admiring fine art and all different sorts of photography. I am not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to the limits of photography, and I am always willing to try new things. I believe that photography is not just "aim-focus-shoot"; it is using the surroundings around you and the tools you have provided yourself with to create a beautiful work of art - "drawing with light."

My shoot policies are listed at the following link (site not mobile-friendly, must view on a computer):

If you wish to work with me, please contact me through the methods listed on my website.

Thank you!



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