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Professional Photographer in Los Angeles and New York City.

I currently run/own a Video/Film Production Company in NYC since 1993 and have split my time with my Photography. Clients for my Production Company include: ABC, BBC, BET, CBS, Chesky Records, CNN, Court TV, Def Jam, Discovery Network, ESPN, FOX Network, Good Morning America, Global Vision Group, HARPO, HGTV, Lehman Brothers, Meryl Lynch, MTV, NBA, NBC, RAI, RAI Cinema, RAI International, VH1, Extra, The Today Show, Telemundo, Univision, VH1, WNBA, etc...


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NY Post, Circus Magazine, Arista Records, Anheiser Bush, Budwiser, Miller Genuine Draft, Hawaiian Tropic, Venus Swimwear, Guitar Center, TJ Martel Foundation, etc...


20 May 11 00:05
thanks for the FR ... can I get an ass grab to go with it?
27 Jul 09 15:24
Im so ready for NY
27 Jul 09 15:20
Yay. There's my Hamza =)
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