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I was told that I should say more in my profile so here goes:

I am a Chicago based photographer specializing in editorial and fashion. Though I dabble in many other areas, these are my primary focuses and my style stays true to them.

I am ANAL about lighting lol. Photography is light, and I believe in getting it PERFECT as it means less time for me editing later, and less time it will take to return shots. This means that if we move to a new area if shooting outdoors, or a new look or style if shooting inside, it may take me 5 minutes, a max of 10, to reposition and setup lighting. I only mention this because I have had one or two models complain about the time I am taking to do this. I do this because it gets us both the best possible photos. I don't believe in shooting without lighting unless I am going for a very specific effect.

I prefer to work with models that have some sense of self and of their bodies and how to move them. I prefer to tell you what I am looking for in the shot, or describe an emotion or thought process and then allow you, the model, to interpret those thoughts. I will drop in suggestions on ways to pose as we are moving through a shoot, but for the most part, I allow the model to do the model's job.

I tend to work quickly and expect the model to do the same. I don't really believe in taking 50 of the same shot. Once I have THE shot, we move on. With that said, I do like to foster an interactive shooting environment and am always open to feedback and suggestions on shots, lighting, whatever.


Also, it doesn't happen very often, but if you flake, I will never work with you again, no matter what you are willing to pay me. If we agree to a shoot, I expect you to shoot, just as you can expect that I will be there ready to shoot.

If you are interested in working with me, or have a concept to discuss, or are simply looking for good conversation, drop me a line, and inquire about my rates.

I am doing VERY limited TF work these days, and only for people who's look really speaks to me for a specific project.



02 May 14 00:02
Great port!
07 Feb 12 23:49
I just wanted to say that im loving your work.
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