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About Me

My name is Martin Hoerchner, AKA Marty Marzipan, and I've been living in London for a quarter century, being originally from California.

"Why did you move to London?"

"I came for the weather."

"But the weather is horrible."

"I was misinformed."

My life so far has been a convuluted path; I've always been a dreamer, but early on I ran into the cold reality of income and expenditure! My high school advisor told me that artists generally starve, and that wouldn't work for me, because I'd become rather fond of eating. So I made a career in another field.

But now that I realise that I'm not going to starve... what a joy to get up the moxie to return to my original love and give it a go!

A few decades ago I did portrait photography when at University in Los Angeles (UCLA), where every other person is an aspiring actor or model. I did headshots and portfolios for students in the Theatre Department. My speciality was what I call "theatrical photography", meaning portraits with flair and style, attention-getting images that jump out of the stack and say "choose me!" I believe my strong point was getting the subject to feel at ease and to relate to the camera in a natural way.

My main focus is "Theatrical Photography": Photographs for actors, models, dancers, fashion designers: headshots, portfolios, Z-Cards. Vogue-style fashion photography. Portraits for nonprofessionals in this theatrical style. Glamour and boudoir photography if you insist!.

Before I can feel fully confident, I need to augment my portfolio with more recent photographs. I need to try new lighting setups and find what works best for the subject and me. I need to find an individual style that will set me apart from other photographers.

I see myself as a seeker of Truth and Beauty. I am a mirror - but I reflect your image as you want to see yourself, not like a glass mirror, cold and hard.

I hope we can work together soon.

March 2011