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About Me

Well ladies and gentlemen my name is Kelvin R. Minton (Scooby) what im looking for in photographing is the sense of people that are willing and able to express themselves they way they want, Yes I have a different way of doing things that make photographing that much easier, I want people to be able to feel comfortable taken their photos, I've done a few shooting in myself and standing in front of the camera has always been easy for me, but for other's this is a time where they can relax and show off that inner beauty, with pride there's confidents, with confident there is focus. Im looking to build my business base on the love of the job and people just being themselves.

Dislikes 101
I know everyone feel this way when it comes to business. When you make plans to do something live up too it and give a call back a response back, remember ladies and Gents this is not a page for hooking up, its for business, we are suppose to be helping one another. Don't add me if your not going to respond to any of my e-mails. Don't add me to get numbers on your page. Don't be respectful to anyone and their work, if there is something you don't like comment professionally.

Likes 101
I learning everyday, so if you take a pause to look at my photos pls write your comments and let me know what you think of my work. I will do the same. Ladies and Gents I really Appreciate that u took the time out to view and listen to what i have to write. enjoy yourself on my site and will be looking to do business with you real soon

Just on one note I do TFP shooting
I also do TFCD.
Im building my company and you are welcome to come along for the ride

you can contact me with my e-mail adress always on

you can also now check out my work on faceboook.. same as the email address above.