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I am a professional photographer based in Langley. Professionally I specialize in Weddings and Portraits. I'm currently expanding my business into Boudoir so I want to practice my fashion and glamour skills. I'm willing to shoot TFCD for models with limited or no experience to help them along and to keep me shooting in the off season. I will occasionally contact models, makeup artists & hair stylists for personal projects.

If I've sent you a friend request it's because I see potential to work with you. I am not a friend collector as I see no benefit in that. Really. Nobody cares how many friends I have. So if you accept I hope to work with you sometime in the future. I'm currently mulling through several photo shoot ideas and possibly 2 new brands.

OK. Here's the scoop. I've been going through a lot of portfolios here on MM. These are some of the tips I have to help out you younguns just starting out.

1. Don't post pictures you've taken on your own. Especially those taken at arms length. These create a distorted picture of your features that isn't flattering.

2. Don't post pictures that are out of focus. Seriously. You're trying to sell yourself. Post your best pictures only.

3. Post reasonably sized pictures. If it's too small to see your features you will be passed by.

4. Post head shots and full body shots. Don't be ashamed of your body. By this I mean, if you're a plus sized model don't hide it, rock it!

5. In your bio use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization etc. You don't want to come across as dumb. And have someone proof read it before posting it. This is a biggie. I've been caught on this one too. You wrote and hear what you wrote as you read it. Someone else will more easily catch missing/duplicate words or spelling mistakes.

6. Be honest with your stats. Often photographers are looking for specific sizes (ie. dress, cup) so don't lie. You might actually miss out on jobs looking for people exactly like you.

p.s. If you want I'll gladly review your portfolio and bio and offer up suggestions. Just send me a message.



16 Jun 11 22:49
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