About Me

Thanks for visiting my MM portfolio!

I am a part time photographer. I have been shooting for about 20 years now that is located in NW Burbs of the Chicago. I like to use natural light. I am not a big fan of photoshop. I believe in getting the picture correct the first time.

I look forward to any feedback and comments to my images as well as possibly working with any models in the near future.



Models I've worked with over the last several years,

Alexis MM #532638
Paula Egan MM #856128
Hannan MM #660580
Mia Vaughn MM #139190
Kaiden Kennedy MM #551279
Sabrina Sanchez MM 799156
Yulianna MM #4623
Nicole Pember MM #1082112
Jovana-Marie MM #1134136
Ashley (Vikilicious) MM #595937
Amanda K MM #487412
Lucy Mason MM #1297172
Naomi Jade MM #1440588


28 Sep 14 17:06
Hot port!
28 Sep 14 17:05
Nice port! Keep up the great work!
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