About Me

I have been doing photography for about 2 years now. My work has recently gained a lot of attention.

I have a national magazine interested in publishing my work, and other mags reviewing my work as I type this.

I am looking for models who are looking to build their profile as well as help me build mine. I do a lot of automotive and motorcycle shoots and always need models to pose with them.

I do not have a problem with models bringing an escort along with them just so long as they are not distracting to the shoot. I want my models to feel comfortable with me.

I will do TFCD with the possibility (but not the guarantee of) being published in a magazine. I'm looking to shoot all styles, as I said before, I want to build my portfolio.

I do have my own studio as well. It is an all white floor and backdrop. I just really love the look I get when shooting on white.

I have a great attitude and usually very open minded to a models wants and needs. I will not try to force you into something you are not comfortable with (like I have seen from other togs).

Also feel free to contact the model i have credited in my port to get their opinion about working with me.

I usually supply a stylist, who happens to also be my wife, when her schedule allows it. She is also usually on set with me as well.

It is best to email me at toddgerhard@yahoo.com.

You can also find Eye Kandy Photography on Facebook as well to see more of my work.

So here's to hoping this site will lead me to new opportunities and journeys. I love doing photography, this is a passion of mine.