About Me

I have been documenting everyday life for over twenty years. Recently, I've decided to pursue photography more formally.

I prefer documenting natural conditions, without artificial posing, but with an edge. People notice a false smile immediately and if it takes a good joke or funny story to get the subject smiling, I'll do it. Honesty from the subject matter matters, so if the model is in a serious or reflective mood, I don't force the smile.

Think of a wacky version of Life Magazine, that is the "look" I seek to achieve, a documentary look that captures the world how it is. I'm game to photograph anything, you just have to ask…

***I shoot VERY limited TFP.*** My rates are listed below but if you have a concept that you feel we can both benefit from, I do not mind shooting TFP. I charge $275 for head-shots/promotional photos. This will include as many shots and costume changes that you can get within 60 minutes, plus 60 minutes of editing. These photos will be placed on a thumb drive for you to keep.

I am also on Facebook, if you'd like to get in touch with me. It's under Danielle Shenise.



09 Dec 10 05:25
thank you for FR Serena
07 Dec 10 21:07
Have to POP your wall Cherry here... and say "Welcome"....
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