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About Me

I am a graphic designer with over 24 years experience (I started young ;).
I work mainly in the entertainment side of things, specifically music-related.
I have designed and produced over 500 record covers for various artists including the majority of New Zealand's top music acts.

As well as creating, designing and overseeing production I have also photographed and/or art directed photo shoots for many of these record covers.

I have extensive photo editing and retouching skills in Photoshop (19 years).

Currently exploring the use of new digital techniques for shooting photos, namely the iPhone.
I have had two of my recent photographic iPhone projects used as album covers - Greg Johnson's "Secret Weapon" and Dukes "Still Life" (both released November 2010).

I am looking to develop and build up a series of works using models as subjects both conceptually and aesthetically, in a variety of situations, locations and formats (ie. colour, black and white, retouched in post production etc). These work will form part of a collection for exhibition and display.

UPDATE: I have had three of my images selected for exhibition at the Orange County Centre For Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, March 31 - April 28 2011.
This shows the infinite potential of images being exhibited and shown around the world which you can be a part of as a model, MUA and/or stylist.
Images here:

I am professional in my dealings, very easy to work with and have a solid work ethic.
I want good photos - you want good photos!
I have an extremely good reputation and have dealt with hundreds of clients over the years who speak very highly of my work.

I am interested in working with people who can get into a role, a concept, and work it to get the best results which are often unexpected. I'm happy to have my subjects offer ideas and be fully involved in the creative process.

I can get a wide variety of styles, looks and effects; colour, B&W, and many variations on those again - I consider myself more of a 'visual artist' than a photographer and this comes across in my work (it definitely has an 'art' element to it).

Please note, although the majority shots in my portfolio show nude work this is not mandatory. These shots are a selection from a recent shoot with a professional 'life' model, and are an example of what can be achieved using the iPhone process.
Check out my regularly updated tumblr page (link above) for a wider variety of shots, many of which do not include people, which is why I'm on MM - to find some :).

If you have an idea and want me to photograph it or you would like to be involved in a project get in touch and we can talk. This includes MUAs, stylists etc.

I'm happy to go for any type of shoot - from full location, wardrobe, styling; to a simple five minute off-the-cuff 'seize the moment' spontaneous click-fest! I'm always carrying my 'camera' and it's always 'shooting time'!

Additionally I also play and produce music, being involved in many genres from alt-country to electronic/dance floor and also have my own indie record label; I have also written articles and reviews for several publications. I approach my work with a lot of influences from these processes - methodically creative and professional.

I want to work with great people and get great results!
Let's get to it!


Some of my design and photo credits:

Photographic Works Exhibited:
2011 March/April - Orange County Centre For Contemporary Art, Santa Ana CA
2011 May/June - Arty Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles CA

Selected Photographic Works Used on Album Covers:
2000 The Hollies "Greatest Hits" Album: Photo used for front cover.
2001 Nature's Best Album: Photos used for album package including front cover
2004 Greg Johnson "Here Comes The Caviar" Album: Shot cover photo
2006 Greg Johnson "Anyone Can Say Goodbye" Album: Shot all photos on location, Santa Monica CA
2010 Greg Johnson "Secret Weapon" Album: Shot all photos on location, Auckland New Zealand
2010 Dukes "Still Life" Album: Photo used for front cover

Selected Album Cover & Packaging Awards:
2001 b-Net cover award winner for King Kapisi 'Savage Thoughts'
2001 NZ Tui Awards cover award finalist for Dimmer 'I Believe You Are A Star'
2002 NZ Tui Awards cover award finalist for Fur Patrol 'Pet'
2004 Pride In Print award for Hayley Westenra 'Pure' Special Edition CD package
2005 b-Net cover award finalist for the Feelstyle 'Break It To Pieces'
2005 NZ Tui Awards cover award winner for the Feelstyle 'Break It To Pieces'
2007 Best Awards 'Bronze Winner Packaging': V Energy Drink 'Music Series'€™ aluminum bottles

Sourced talent and art directed photo shoots for Fur Patrol, Lazy Sunday compilation series, King Kapisi, Room Service compilation series, Recaffeinated compilation series, Bliss compilation series, Breathe, Annie Crummer, NZSO Beauty Spot compilations, Smooth Grooves compilation series, The Exponents and many more.