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About Me

This started out as a hobby in 1983 and has grown into more fun than I would ever thought it could be.I've shot every things from babies to full blown all day long weddings.Cars,Boat,Trains and Planes and I must say models out the
wazoo. You really never for get where you started,that small break that helped you get where you are now.I started like a lot of people with film and now into
digital,went from making my own prints, to correcting and printing them on the computer.I've had pictures published,shot calendars,posters,sports games,
weddings, I don't know how we ever shot a picture without photo shop,if my camera is my right hand then photo shop is my left! I've had other people bring me photos and say this picture looks like hell can you do something with it,well
most of the time I can,you spend days fixing them and don't make a dime it's
that feeling you get when they smile or get tears. I hope that one day I can
say Yeah I helped that model get his or her start.Most shoots I let the model decide what they want to shoot in or where they want to shoot, after all it is thier pictures,unless I'm doing a job for a customer, I'm open to any thing, I've even done underwater shoots so don't be shy send me a message let me know you want to shoot! You know, as I go through these photographers and models sites and they say no TF , I guess most of them for got where they started and came from, I hope I never feel that way! ALL in ALL to be fair to you and I this is the Qualities which I look for in a model:
1) Arrives on time and prepared to do the photoshoot.(yes I know, some prep still has to be done)
2) Responds to messages in a timely manner.
3) Has nice facial skin complexion.
4) Doesn't need an escort because she has self-esteem, is independent, and wants to focus on the photoshoot.
I'm an agency-approved fashion, editorial, and beauty photographer,

Will I pay you? It depends on what we do, but if you are motivated more by money than art, I am unlikely to be interested.
All Models must show ID, and sign a release, If you got ideas and want to play, drop me a line .
I enjoy helping those with little or no experience in front of a camera build their modeling portfolios. Many of my subjects are building portfolios to help them get promotional gigs, acting gigs, and/or other modeling gigs. Some are simply bored, and want to do something interesting, artistic, and exciting, and earn a little extra cash.

Other info.
1) CD: Will be given within two weeks after the shoot.
2) References: Will be given to those with serious inquiries.