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Inside each mammal including humans is all parts...the beast, the beauty, the compassionate, the sincere, the innocent, the not so innocent, the confused and the torn...the love...the courage, the fear and the strength. And once realized comes together to form the natural being and in the humans case the artist, the expressionist. Full of passion and sometime not knowing where to unleash and or even how to release all that is inside...the artist trudges forward with passion, curiosity and ambition.

I direct as the shoot flows. A great photographer once said, "our job is to enhance reality, not change it". In terms of what I shoot I love this, for editorial portraits, artistic nudes, events and more.
These words inspire me and influence my way of shooting.

Looking to collaborate and network with all types of artists. Coffee to brainstorm or ideas to shoot, lets do it.

Daniel McMath
McMath Photography.


Zlata Gurevich #1423375
Joelle Felix #1289405
Jessica McMath #1916125
Sandra Dario #746858
Marissa Bradley #1885270
Alicia Jane Elliott #1908589

Carmen Tse #1287138
Candy Wai #1858195
Priscilla Tsang #1998446
Megan Hill Make up #1672112


11 Apr 11 03:03
Welcome! Please keep me in mind for my photo retouching services :)
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